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MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSThe international financial crisis development of the printing industry slump, coupled with the global food security, low-carbon economy calls for increasingly high, which gives the future survival and development of packaging and printing enterprise is a big challenge.
Technology is the core of the company's research and development team , shouldering research , develop new products , improve product features task .
According to the company's overall strategic plan and annual business goals, formulating the company's annual R & D program , establish a sound technical file management system ; responsible for the design and development of new ideas, new technologies, new processes, new materials and other relevant intelligence information collection, collation , job . Tracking application leading edge technology, dedicated to the research and development of new materials, new technologies, processes , procedures and products. Focus on promoting green printing technology and product development, vigorously carry out high definition flexographic printing technology to digital printing line .
2014 focuses on the organic solvent recovery technology ; combination printing technology, printing is a printing technology portfolio to integrate printing methods, namely, on the same production line integration of a variety of printing methods, such as flexo, offset, gravure, screen printing , spray ink printing, digital printing and finishing processes , as light , laminating , die cutting , creasing , stamping , etc., the advantages of various printing and finishing methods together, learn from each other to obtain the best print system effects.

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