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Shanghai culture rooted in traditional Chinese culture , a combination of Wu and Yue culture and Western culture sensitive and delicate outward and science , between Western civilization presents a stylish , avant-garde and open attitude , dare to break them , committed to innovation , be tolerant to diversity , casting Western , good abandon the pursuit of excellence , which is the essence of the "Shanghai" culture. Division I to Shanghai named "integrity , innovation, quality, service" as the core concept , creating a healthy and positive , distinctive corporate culture.

Shanghai Companies from birth, is a business based on long-term , must be a person reached , the courage to play for the benefit of employees , and development for the company , for the well-being of society .

The current international economic environment continued malaise , driven by continuing our efforts to grow as a return on investment , focusing on saving energy and resources , protect the environment , to become their sense of social responsibility of the enterprise, a respectable business.

We are a group of real people to work, the customer is our god , our hearts to God , this is our everlasting concept. We " landscaping products and beautify life , cultural heritage , the spread of civilization " for the mission , relying on technology, well-designed, lean management , for customers to find the optimal solution for the production of high value-added products for our customers save every cents, while sincere service for our customers , and to achieve a win-win situation .

Shanghai people are very clear that we , the road ahead is not smooth, we fear Caine insurance, mutual encouragement , walked a solid pace , with high morale , along Shanghai 's strategic path to the goal of advancing .

Shanghai is bound to achieve double the material and spiritual well-being of employees , for the progress and development of human society to contribute.



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