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Green Printing

Packing Co., Ltd. Kunshan Shanghai materials were set in social contribution activities, environmental, quality, safety, health, fair trade, business ethics, human rights, labor, information in various fields, and actively promote CSR activities.

1, green printing

Shanghai Industrial Development advocate the concept of sustainable development requires coordination with the environment, including the use of environmentally friendly printing materials, printing production process clean and lean production methods, printed on the user's safety, as well as recycling and waste can be recycled, in prepress, press, postpress all aspects of the practice green printing ideas, energy saving, resource conservation.

2, eco-friendly materials

Strict compliance with the technical requirements for environmental labeling products, the use of recycled paper and environmentally friendly inks, coatings, blankets, fountain solution, adhesives, etc., to ensure that printed materials nontoxic to humans.

3, environmental technology

Promote green production, processing, and vigorously promote the digital workflow, printing and packaging products with high network cable color printing.

4, recycling

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