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"Two thousand years of history of Xi'an , a thousand years of history to see Beijing , Shanghai look a hundred years of history ." Modern Shanghai rapid rise in just one hundred years in the history of the development of Chinese cities can be described as a miracle . Cultural life of the city, the city has had a culture of life , is the source of Shanghai Shanghai culture of vitality and vigor .
The word "Shanghai" , Beijing is creating some writers in the 1920s , for some scholars and some criticism Shanghai style , Shanghai is the opposite of the Beijing School , Shanghai and Beijing School symbolizes the applicant country style Óë two different cultures. Beijing School is a traditional authentic, Shanghai is the rebellious maverick , combining Chinese and Western products , full of rich colors and folk color business . " Beijing School as ladylike , sophisticated then as modern girl " , seven hundred years ago in Shanghai , the Yangtze River mouth just piled sandbar , a small fishing village , today 's Shanghai has become a bustling metropolis , facing the rolling Yangtze River for thousands of years to settle down vicissitudes of this land , we have the magical feeling of good fortune , but also had great admiration predicament of Chinese civilization charm !
    Shanghai culture rooted in traditional Chinese culture , a combination of Wu and Yue culture and Western culture sensitive and delicate outward and science , between Western civilization presents a stylish , avant-garde and open attitude , dare to break them , committed to innovation , be tolerant to diversity , casting Western , good abandon the pursuit of excellence , which is the essence of the "Shanghai" culture. Division I to Shanghai named "integrity , innovation, quality, service" as the core concept , creating a healthy and positive , distinctive corporate culture.





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