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Social Commitment

Do not employ child labor under the age of sixteen.
When employees are not hired because of their gender, age, region, ethnicity, religion or disability grounds in hiring, wages, benefits, dismissal wait encounter discriminatory discriminatory. Employees in the company have equal job opportunities without discrimination.
Staff does not administer corporal punishment or any other form of physical or psychological abuse.
Staff meetings, right faith.
The company will provide clean, safe and bright air-conditioned workplace.
Has a staff restaurant, offers a wealth of healthy food.
It offers air-conditioned facilities, staff quarters.
With a staff recreation center, sports venues.
Provide clean drinking water in the workplace, necessary health first aid equipment, fire fighting facilities and fire escape instructions.
All employees have the responsibility and obligation to protect the environment and conserve energy resources.
All employees should be patriotism, love of family, love the plants, love each other, law-abiding.
Shanghai is bound to achieve double the material and spiritual well-being of employees, for the progress and development of human society to contribute.


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