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Salaries and benefits


It offers basic salary , all kinds of allowances, attendance bonus, performance bonuses , year-end bonuses, bonuses and other contributions to market competitive , pluralistic combination of incentive pay award .

Weekends and vacations with a sound system of law .

Pay payment pension and medical insurance.

Provide labor , medical staff .

Employee benefits in addition to the provisions of labor law , " a dangerous metal ", also includes marriage gifts , maternity gifts, condolence payments , hospitalized condolence payments , grants the children of employees , holiday gifts, travel year -end banquet and other welfare activities.

Staff regularly organize sports competitions , cultural evenings , festivals factory celebration, birthday , parties , rattling OK songs and other activities .

Material and spiritual practice to achieve employee commitment double happiness , with a staff -cum- child grants system , and the first grade of primary school children of employees , providing admission ceremony.

Talent held regularly every year to beautify life activities, including staff photo contest, calligraphy competitions , arts and crafts competition, drawing competition for employees' children , so that colleagues and family members to participate in company activities to enrich the lives of workers .

Establish food committee , welfare committee and Fire Safety Commission .



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